A voice straight from a mother’s heart

Concluding the month of May – the month for  mommies around the world, let me interest you with a heart-warming article from a fascinating woman who gave up her medical career in exchange for a simple yet a life full of love and never-ending challenges of being a mother, 24 by 7.

Dr. Talat Fatima with children Rushan and Sidrah Anwar


“Mom,” “Maa,” “Amma,” “Mother” and so on…

The first word a child speaks all over the world. Just by uttering the word “mom,” I go down memory lane laced with emotions, experiences and of course the life when I was a child- the days I spent with my own mother.

Being blessed with two lovely children, a boy and a girl, I feel extremely thankful to “God” and to them for giving me the honor to be their mother.

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What is your greatest priority as a mom?




As I asked a friend what being a mother means to her,

she answered me right away,

“Being a mom to
me means that now I will always be a mom first and a wife second.”

It took me a while to realize what she said. It was a cliché, so I didn’t think much about it. Then it hit me… “What is my greatest priority over everything around me?” What she said was indeed true.

Children. They are our greatest priority. For a mom like me, I think I won’t be able to sleep soundly at night if I missed out doing something for my children. No matter how busy I am, I will stop to attend to their needs. And even in the middle of my slumber, I will wake up right away, and go to their bed once they call out my name.

I am doing this out of love.

Mom first.

And wife second.

I’m sure their dad will understand.

Being a “MOTHER”


Yesterday, we’ve had the opportunity to share very inspiring thoughts imparted by some lovely mothers from different walks of life.  We were empowered and amazed by their heartfelt words;  and we promised to give you more…

Let us listen once again from these God-sent angels whom we call “MOTHER…”


Mommy Romelia with Baby Jacob, Jeromee and Jerald

Mommy Romelia  with Baby Jacob, Jeromee and Jerald , CA, USA

Being a mother is the hardest and most rewarding duty you can ever accomplish as a woman.          The love for your child is unconditional, pure and selfless. You don’t think about yourself anymore, it’s all about your children. You sacrifice things for your children. Being a mother does not stop when your kids are adults. From their very first step, their first prom, and the time that they too will become a parent…you’re there with a big smile and excitement. You are their biggest cheerleader. I may be the silliest and most exaggerated at times. I get teary eyed when I’m proud, I will not sleep or rest till all my kids are home, and I worry all the time.

There were no instructions on ‘being a mother’, you learn throughout the way, you learn it from each other. For every boo-boos, cries, giggles and disappointments… mom will always be there.

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