A stress-free night for mommy and kids

It is essential for every child to sleep with happy thoughts. It’s a big contribution to their EQ.

I’ll be direct to the point.

zac and ethan scared


Most of the time it’s not happening in our home. Now that I have three super energetic children (believe me, the way they are when they’re feeling sleepy is really out of control), our usual goodnight time is full of begging, singing lullabies, telling stories, playing and begging again until mommy freaks out.

I’m giving my best as a mom, and perhaps, my children are also becoming abusive in that aspect. I feel so bad everytime I end their day with tears in their eyes.

I tried so many techniques, and I wish I could play Samuel L. Jackson’s “Go the F*#! To Sleep” but you see, I’m I good mom, so I can not.

But last night was different.
After praying and letting them play on their own for a while, I told them that I’ll take them to a place called “the spa.”
I tucked them to bed, and told them to close their eyes, no talking anymore, and nobody move.
They won’t submit that easily.
“You have to follow mommy or else spa is not happening guys,” I told my kids.
And lo and behold, everything seem so peaceful in an instant!

“In the spa you have to be really quiet and patient until the attendant goes to you and gives you a massage.”

Oh, it was a stress-free night! And so, one by one, I approached them not as a spa attendant nor a massage therapist, but a mother with loving hands, soothing their tired bodies until they drift off to sleep.

PS. I linked Samuel L. Jackson’s YouTube video in case you’re curious with what I’m talking about. It is interesting for us adults, but please don’t play the video when your child is around.

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