Tagalog 101: How to say, “Where is the bathroom?” or “May I please go to the bathroom?”

source: http://www.iabp.info/bathroom-sign/

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source: http://www.iabp.info/bathroom-sign/

source: http://www.iabp.info/bathroom-sign/

Welcome to Tagalog 101

Since the Filipinos already adapted the English words – comfort room, bathroom, toilet, restroom and wash room, there’s no need to translate these words at all.
So what you need to do is just translate “WHERE IS” in Tagalog.

Where is – “Saan ang”
Or “nasaan ang”
Or “saan po ang” for a more respectful tone.

Saan po ang bathroom?

Saan po ang cr? CR stands for comfort room

Saan po ang comfort room?

Saan po ang toilet?

Saan po ang wash room?

The most common used term I heard in the malls if you want to pee, is –

Saan po ang restroom?

So all of this are correct, you can choose any English words equivalent to toilet. Just don’t forget “saan po” if you want to ask.

If you want to ask the home owner that you would like to use their bathroom
You can say,
“pwede po bang maki-cr?”
“pwede po bang pa cr?”
Both of these are correct.
When they said yes, you can say
“saan po ang cr?”
But in the Philippines, you just ask where is the bathroom located and it is understood that you wanna go to the bathroom.

Here is an example

Sofie: Saan po ang CR? Pwede pong maki-cr?

M: Diretso ka lang, yung pulang pinto sa kanan, cr yun. (You just walk straight ahead, the red door to the right is the comfort room)

Further more, the native Filipino people also use –
Batalan- (definition) the rear of barrio house for washing and for storage of water

Banyo – (definition) bathroom; shower room

Or paliguan – (definition)  shower room

If you don’t want to take a shower, you just want to just pee-
You can also call it




which means toilet.


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